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* time recording (stamping) / Zeiterfassung (stempeln)
* reports of day (last 7 days) / Wochenreport
* reports of last time of work / Reporte
* de- and activate work's / Aktivieren und Deaktivieren von Tätigkeiten

Example of main view:

Example of work list:

Example of historian:

20180729: Add to Timebar got new Feature for Edge, Opera, Chrome too :)
20180728: Editwork new Feature for Edge, Opera, Chrome :)
20180424: Import in MS Outlook (.ics) try it :)
20180218: change spelling mistake
20170219: end work with -1 second for Outlook
20170219: experimental .ics for Outlook (refresh use 7 days report)
20170119: bugfix statistic module report
20170115: add new statistic module, with little help by selfhtml5
20161227: LastTime Paging, commit in LastTime , change name: My Last Time to Documentation, last week to 7 days report
20161206: comments 32->64 chars, rename work,
20160927: bar div to canvas change, for bar printing
20160923: del cookies with wrong password
20160831: bugfix last week , bugfix of mystery first day ime bug :-)
20160823: redesign add last week
20160821: bugfix historian after add comments
20160816: redesign work table, add comments
20160523: redesign command bar, delete dark design, add Historian
20160517: actual time in time bar, order by in worklist
20160512: bugfix restart, bugfix update timebar
20160510: update in timebar : duration = 0s => delete , restart in timebar